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Qualifications, Testimonial Facebook Posts & Testimonial Letter

HOMESTAR Inspections is a locally owned and operated company located in Alliston, Ontario. HOMESTAR Inspections Inc. serves the Greater Toronto Area and cottage country. I am available 7 days/week and can accommodate flexible scheduling.

As a professionally trained and certified home inspector, I use the latest equipment to provide my clients with the best possible home inspections. My extensive training in home inspections, combined with my education and experience, will ensure that you receive a thorough and comprehensive home inspection and report.

  • Associate Member of CanNACHI, Canadian National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (Member # CnON130111-TG)

  • Professionally trained by Inspect4U, Canada's largest 'Government Approved' Home Inspections Training Academy;

  • Inspect4U Residential Home Inspections Training Program Certification;

  • Inspect4U Residential Mold Inspections Training Program Certification;

  • Inspections performed in compliance with the CanNACHI Code of Ethics;

  • 40 years of experience in education and training;

  • Master's Degree from Brock University, Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Toronto

  • Previous Post Graduate instructor, University of Western Ontario

Testimonial Facebook Posts: Treetops Community (Homeowners Group)

A very thorough and knowledgeable inspector who lives here in Treetops.
We just used him for our 30 day and I strongly recommend him. I know of a half dozen others in the community that have used him also.

C. Reid, Alliston, Ontario      November 29, 2016

Terry was amazing! We used him for our one year, he was extremely detailed, provided us will lots of photos and he found a lot more deficiencies than what we initially found. Definitely worth the money and peace of mind!

AsH T, Alliston, Ontario       November 29, 2016

We also used Terry for our 1-year inspection and he was great! Very thorough and a pleasure.

L. Mandel, Alliston, Ontario      November 29, 2016

He was great and found a lot of items we would never have had fixed.

D. Mandel, Alliston, Ontario      November 30, 2016

We also used Terry for our one year. He spent about 7 hours at our home and found 68 deficiencies. Biggest deficiency that we never would have found without him - was depleted insulation in areas of the attic. It wasn't secured properly so wind got up inside and blew a lot of it all back -so there were multiple areas where there no longer was insulation. He has a heat gun, which was what he used to detect this. He is very thorough and doesn't miss a thing. I too would highly recommend him.

R. Ray, Alliston, Ontario      November 30, 2016 

Testimonial Letter 2014 11 04




We were buying a new house in Collingwood and felt we needed a professional Home Inspection as a condition of sale. I asked around and a friend recommended HOMESTAR INSPECTIONS.


Within a few days Mr. Terry Griffiths was at my house with a whole battery of tools, testers, probes, and flashlights.


He seemed to know everything about the building code and all those things that are both good and not so good about the condition of  the house.  As I followed him around I noticed him taking notes and consulting charts and filling out things on every page of a 25 page checklist.  He explained EVERYTHING to me as he observed, measured and tested all these different categories.


I was VERY surprised to see so many different categories in this inspection including waste water, electrical, humidity, plumbing, heating and cooling and so on.  In fact there were 35 different categories. 


As he handed me the completed report I was relieved to hear him say that HE would buy this house himself, it was in such good condition and I didn't realise this as it was such an old house.


Thank you so much Mr. Griffiths,


Brian and Elaine Rose, Collingwood, Ontario

T. Griffiths, B.A., B.Ed., M.ED., C.H.I.

Certified Home Inspector

Cell  519.217.7441 

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